Sunflower Care Tips and Fun Display Ideas


Sunflower Care Tips

Sometimes you will get sunflowers still in buds. These steps will help your flowers open up and bloom for several days, adding brightness and beauty to your home!

  • Fill a clean vase ¾ full with fresh, cool tap water and flower food.
  • Remove bottom leaves, if there are any. While holding the stems under running water, cut one inch off of the ends and immediately place into your prepared vase.
  • On Day 3, recut the stems and change out the water. This will help keep your flowers looking fresh and last longer.
  • Keep flowers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat or cold.


Showing off your Sunflowers

Sunflowers add lots of brightness and happiness to any home and there are many fun ways to display them. This pencil cup vase is a simple and creative way to show off your sunflowers - and is perfect for back to school time! All you do is put a rubber band around a glass vase, then insert unsharpened pencils into the rubber band until the vase is covered. Then hide the rubber band with a ribbon of your choice and follow the steps above to fill the vase with sunflowers. 

A few more fun ideas:

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